Railcar Viper X001

I am in love. While shopping around, I wanted something a bit more slim, a bit more like “girl” denim. But after putting on the 13.5oz Cone Mill White Oak denim (the same selvage textile we use here at Jack Spade), I realize there isn’t much slimmer you can go with raw selvage and still be comfortable.

I admit I was “that guy” with sizing. Which is okay because their customer service is amazing. Since I have a very square build, I don’t have the same hip to waist taper that Women’s denim is usually cut for, meaning I have to buy denim for my hip size, not my waist. I fit into a size 26 except in the waistband and the leg opening, but ended up with a size 29. To all my buddies that have begged me to wear pants that show off my figure, sorry.

I love the two tone top-stitching, rivets, right-handed fly (buy me a beer and ask me why this is so important for me) and a natural leather patch. The back pockets are just big enough to hold my wallet and iPhone4, the belt loops are sewn into the waistband to sustain the pull of my keys getting snagged on everything, and the front pockets can actually hold things in them! The Men’s Spikes feature triple top-stitched seams, which means I am accepting the challenge of seeing if I can bust through these guys.

All around, a great jean for the lady who wants the look of raw selvage and #menswear, without sacrificing all shape or comfort.

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